Saturday, February 27, 2010

XM/Sirius radio

We've been subscribers for several years and each time we think about canceling, they give us insane prices for six months.

I love/hate the service. Love it because it's commercial, static and, for the most part, DJ free. I hate it because it's like they have a stable of 1000 songs they rotate and nothing more.

For example, I might be listening to a station and a cool song I haven't heard in years comes on. Something obscure enough to be cool, yet popular enough to be known. Then, I'll be listening to the same station the next day and that same song comes on.

Maybe it's the station? Right now, I'm listening to 80's on 8 and just heard one of my favorite songs, Easy Lover by Phil Collins and Philip Bailey (don't tell me you don't love that song!). Now it's Why Can't This Be Love? by Van Halen. Another good song that I loved in the 80s.

Now, I suppose there's only so many songs they can choose from the 80s. Even so, there should be a whole bunch, you know? But it wouldn't surprise me to hear either one of these songs in the next few days (or maybe another awesome one I heard earlier, You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates).

At least they're cool songs, right?