Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dogs, they are a barkin!

I just finished my first week at the Microsoft Store. Though my official capacity there is on the technical side, I do spend a bunch of my time on the floor helping customers, greeting customers, and basically hanging out with customers. As such, I’ve been on my feet a lot and I’m discovering that I need better shoes.

Or, more specifically, I shouldn’t wear my old boots anymore. Or my newer Pumas. But possibly only some Adidas cross-trainers I bought last year.

So far, I had one day where I worked in the back tech room, where I could sit a little. But the other days, it was go-go-go on the showroom floor.

But even with all the standing and fatigued legs, you know what?

I’m diggin’ it.

So far, it seems I’m making a great impression on the folks I work with. They’ve had a chance to see how I work with the customers at the Answers Desk and, though I don’t have all the answers, my demeanor and rapport with the customers is calm and engaging.

Or so I’m told.

Anyway, it’s exciting to be there. Still a ton to learn, but it is fun and I am looking forward to continuing for a long time.