Saturday, September 24, 2011

Riley time

Marci and Haley left the men today to go on some horse thing over in Cle Elum. So what did Riley and I do today?

Well, I did some laundry and some dishes. We took Bella to the local grooming salon as she needed to be, ahem, excreted (don’t ask), as well as have her nails done. After that, I drove around to some local parks and let Riley run around for a bit. He’s nuts.

From there, we hit the library, then a few drug stores. I’ve been noticing for months that my eyes can’t seem to focus very well on computer screens. Basically anything that’s maybe 2 to 3 feet from my eyes is blurry or just barely out of focus. When I cover one eye, it’s better, but still not perfect.

To Marci’s great pleasure, she offered me the use of her reading glasses and to my great chagrin, they seemed to make things clearer for me.

Anyway, in the drug stores, there are plenty of options, but I don’t know exactly what to do or to look for. I’m figuring that since I’ll be getting some great benefits with Microsoft, I’ll wait until they kick in, then go see my eye doc and have her tell me I need reading glasses.

Wow. Did I digress?

For dinner tonight, I was going to take Rye to the Outback Steakhouse. Marci had gotten a free steak dinner card in the mail and since Riley loves steak, I figured we could go there.

Then I read the fine print: Valid Monday through Thursday only.


Being that it was Saturday, the Outback was out of the question. But since I am a quick thinker, I dropped the Five Guys Burgers & Fries bomb on Riley. He’d been there before, but not like this.

As he’s getting older, we’re finding that the skimpy little kid’s meals offered at most restaurants simply don’t fill him up. I figured a gut-bomb of a burger would do the trick.

We got to 5 Guys and I ordered the “small” bacon cheeseburger (one patty as opposed to two) for Rye and I. He got mayo, ketchup, mustard, relish, grilled onions and mushrooms. The girl behind the counter said, “He’ll eat all that?”

I said, “You have no idea.”

I got myself mine and we sat down for some chow. Once we got it, I prepped him on how to eat it (squish it down a bit, tuck it in your mouth, and BITE!), and we got down to business.

riley 5 guys

He DOMINATED that burger. His mouth and hands were’nt quite large enough to do it the way I showed him, but he made it work. Add in a handful of fries and he was one stuffed dude.

We then came home and just hung out the rest of the night.

Sometimes I forget how much fun it can be to be a dad.