Saturday, November 19, 2011

Back, what is up with you?

Somehow, some way, my back hurts. I have been lucky to not have back issues for the past 39 years, but for the past few days something has been up.

Today, my back hurt a bit at work but nothing terrible. It’s just above my left hip, maybe about two inches above my belt/waistline. I would stretch it a bit between tech appointments, but it was manageable.

For some odd reason, once I got home and had dinner, it really fired up. It hurt to sit, then it hurt to stand. I ended up heating up a heat pad we have and strapped it on before heading to a Boy Scouts meeting.

At the meeting, shortly after Riley’s den did a little skit (best of the night, IMO), I realized that I simply couldn’t sit anymore. I ended up standing and leaning in the back of the church. After the meeting was over, walking to the car was actually pretty painful. Grimacing, breathing through my teeth, all the signs of OLD AGE that I think are catching up with me.

Sad smile

Once I got home, a friend of mine who is a LMP called me at the request of Marci and gave me some tips and pointers. Then Marci slapped some weird homeopathic medicine on my back. All that did was make my back cold and clammy. Weird.

Now I’m slouching on the couch, surfing Facebook and typing up this quick entry. It’s still sore, but not as bad as earlier. We’ll see how it goes tonight. Hopefully it feels better for work tomorrow.