Monday, March 12, 2012

Music-y stuff

1. Recorded some bass tracks at London Bridge last week. Sean had some songs put together and he and Chris recorded guitar, drums and vocals. I had the roughs and of the 3 had only played one with them before. The other two were new and I had to work out some parts. Sean came up a week or so ago and sat with me and I thought I had some stuff that would work.

As it turns out, the night before recording, I sat down at about 11pm and played through the songs again. I came up with 2 new parts to the new songs and ended up using them in the recording. They turned out pretty well and Sean seemed pretty happy about them as well. With any luck, we should have a CD’s worth of material by the end of the year.

2. Got an email out of the blue from our old friend Scott of the Hard Way. His birthday is at the end of the month and he wants us to play with him at the 4th Ave in Olympia. We figured we would; we seem to draw well there. I’ve invited my work mates and, them being young and all, they may come out. At least that’s what some of them mentioned to me tonight. That would be cool, methinks.

3. And that’s it.