Monday, March 12, 2012

New friends like old friends

Had to say goodbye to a friend tonight, but not in a “he’s dead, Jim,” sort of way, thankfully. No, a guy I worked with at MS and only within the past 2 months got really close to has accepted an offer to go be an assistant store manager in Chicago.

When I started at MS, I knew Mike as a guy who ran the inventory room. He knew his stuff back and forth and was really good at it, but as I was a tech, we didn’t have a whole lot to talk about most times.

After a few months, he got promoted to a tech position and that was when we really started hitting it off. He came in knowing just a bit about the tech side of computers but was always willing to learn and pitch in. We had a good time in the back room, talking tech, and other things.

What I really liked was that he and I just clicked. I get along with pretty much everyone else but, for whatever reason, Mike and I seemed to get each other. I think the fact that he was just learning the tech thing and I was the greenest of the existing techs was what drew me to him. That, and he was just a good dude.

Well, just about a week or two ago, it came down that Mike had been offered a gig in Chicago (as mentioned above). He thought about it and, much to many of our dismays, he accepted the offer and is on the fast track out of here.

Tonight was the goodbye party for Mike (and another guy, Gilbert, who is pretty killer too) and it was my first foray into an after-hours type thing with my co-workers. And it was great. Got to chat with people and, though we did talk about work a lot, it was terribly fun to see people out and about.

As the elder statesman at work, I get ribbed about my age, my food, etc, and it’s great fun. Tonight, though, it felt appropriate to drop wisdom and advice as Mike is moving on and leaving us behind. It’s breaking his heart to leave such good friends and co-workers, but I told him to hold his head up and that he is going to kill it out there.

It’s funny how you just meet people sometimes and a bond is formed. Though I’ve only really known Mike for the past 2 months or so, it just seems like longer. The reality is, we’re just scratching the surface of things and I told him I wish I had known him for longer.

Despite it all, we’ll be able to keep in touch via IM at work and, well, I still have his Batman: Arkham City in my Xbox. I’ll have to get it back to him eventually.