Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Let's catch up.

Well, what's new? I've been spending a lot of time online (duh) pimping my band. Today, I went and did some deliveries for work and dropped a CD and one-sheet at a club called Neumo's. Kind of a cool club. Never played there before, but saw The Best Band In The World play there. Neumo's is on Capitol Hill, which, if we score a gig there, garners us instant Indie Cred (tm).

I saw the list of bands playing the IPO in the next few weeks. There are many and they are good. Check them out at the official IPO site. I'm really looking forward to getting down there and playing for some people. Should be a great time. However, I'm not entirely sure how to travel with my bass. I'm planning on using my hard case, but don't really want to put it down in the luggage compartment. If I bring my gigbag, I may be able to put it by my seat, or up front, but if not, then they'll stow it anyway and there's not that much protection for it that way. Hmmm.

I'm a bit perturbed that the Sonics let Antonio Daniels go. Here's a guy that was more than willing to come back, and to be a backup PG, no less. He just wanted more of a commitment (5 years instead of 2, I think). The Sonics wouldn't pony up and off AD goes to the Wizards. I always loved it when he checked into a game. The attitude and intensity of the Soups would always ratchet up a notch. Hopefully some of his swagger rubbed off on Luke Ridnour. He's gonna be a 3rd year vet now and I think needs to step up his aggressiveness to the hole.

I guess that's all I got for now. Send your friends to the Lund Bros. site. Be our friend. It really is good music. Give it a listen!