Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Rock Star: INXS!!!

How could I forget this? I've become obsessed with this show. Not so much the drama (as there really is not that much), but the talent on it. Some of these guys and girls BRING IT. Seriously.

Now, some of it is over the top. Then again, they are auditioning to be the frontperson for INXS. I didn't think it was that big a deal. I figured INXS was washed up, the type of band that used to be big, and now plays casinos to make a living. They had a tidbit somewhere that said INXS outsold U2 in record sales or something. (Not as impressive the way I word it, but I thought it was pretty cool).

Anyway, the house band the show uses is pretty bad. As in good. As in super good. And the singers (the show calls them "rockers") all bring something pretty good to the table. So far, I think JD is running away with it. The INXS boys and Dave Navarro (he needs to lose the John Waters pencil moustache) are in love with him. Many of the other rockers do well, but you can only envision them fronting bands in a club style venue. You can see JD ripping it up in a stadium setting.

I'm also sporting wood for Marty. He's a bleached out Iggy Pop, but has great stage presence and cool ass moves. Dud sings pretty well too.

As far as the girls go, I liked Tattoo Girl's (Heather) rendition of Somebody to Love (Jefferson Airplane). She ripped that up! It was great. Last night she did something else that wasn't *as* good, but the dudes still ate it up.

I think Tana will be gone this week. She did Paranoid and really was just too corny, though, again, the dudes all ate it up.

Check it out. M, Tu, Wed on CBS. Tivo is your friend.