Wednesday, July 19, 2006

An interesting development

An old ex-bandmate of mine called tonight. Asked me if I'd play with him at Qwest Field (home to the SuperBowl XL losing Seahawks) this Saturday. Apparently he won a contest in which his "band" (currently just him) plays with four other bands and if his band wins, he and the band go to Boston next Friday to open for Bon Jovi.

That's all well and good, but there are a few things that make me scratch my head/nervous/on the fence/whatever.

1. I haven't played with him for 2 years.

Last time I played with him was at an outdoor festival. It went pretty well, I suppose. Since then, I've been in two gigging bands and he's been building a career. Just recently he's decided to get back in the scene and is looking to put a band together.

2. I've heard of some of the bands in other cities and they are great.

I think some of these bands are a bit rockin' and I'm afraid my pal's material is a little less than. It's kind of singer-songwriter-y. Good music, but needs a producer kind of stuff. I'd be playing songs that he recorded 3-4 years ago, and basically playing them as he recorded them. We wouldn't have time to embellish or change arrangements this late in the game. We'd have to really bring it so we don't look like chumps up there.

3. Spontaneity may be lacking as these are songs that I have to think about to play.

I'm bummed that I didn't know about this contest earlier. It'd be a blast to play it with my current band. The fact that my current band has been gigging and has some history would make taking the stage much easier. With my ex-bandmate, going on stage would really require concentrating on not screwing up the songs rather than just going up and playing.

4. He doesn't have a drummer lined up yet.

I've called two drummers; both have commitments they can't cancel. He's got a drummer, but hasn't heard from him yet. The last gig I played with this guy, he had a drummer who was probably the Lamest Drummer Ever. Should've been playing coffee houses. I HOPE he doesn't get this guy. The other guy is currently in a heavy rock band so it should be adequate (provided he can do it *crosses fingers*).

So I've told him that I'd do it. I have no idea who else is playing (apparently they'll be posted tomorrow), if they'll have a backline, how long the sets will be, etc. I do know it goes on at 2:00pm on Saturday in or around Qwest Field. I know it won't be a train wreck; I just hope it'll be a good show.

Wish me luck.