Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Office and some ramblings...

I'd never watched this show before. I didn't get the humor involved (I'm talking about the NBC Office). Apparently it's something called "cringe" humor. The type of humor where the viewer is left a bit uncomfortable (or in The Office's case, sometimes very uncomfortable). That being said, I caught a few minutes of an episode a few weeks ago.

Fast forward a few weeks to today and I'm happy to say that I am HOOKED on this show. I haven't laughed so hard at TV in a long time. I found myself all the episodes on the web and have been watching 2-3 at a time. I'm such a geek.

We're prepping for a garage sale this weekend. One of Marci's friends is coming over to help us. Should be profitable. Well, as profitable as a garage sale can actually be, since we're taking a loss on almost everything we sell...

My brother bought a device that allows you to copy all videos directly to DVD. I've had my video camera hooked up to it for about a week now and have copied over about 20 videos. I still have about 20 or so to go. What a cool little toy. What I used to do was dump my video into the computer and edit. Most vids I shot were music related so it was about 40-60 minutes worth of music. Edit out the talking and crap and add some titles and chapter stops. Done. Now it's just raw footage from tape to disc.

In doing the copying, I've been watching a lot of performances from my current band (Lund Bros.), to previous bands (Starchief and Ethyl), and even a band I was in 7 years ago (While Away).

Well, needless to say, there are some ghastly videos there. Neil Peart once compared early recordings he did with Rush to drawings a kindergartener might do. They're inspired, but a mess. Well, I must concur. Many of my early videos with each band (save Starchief, since that band was essentially Ethyl lite) were a bit rough. With While Away, my brother shot us playing our first show with our new singer. She was someone we found after months and months of auditions. I wish I'd kept a journal about those auditions; I'd be a best-selling author today.

Anyway, this girl had no band experience. She'd sung in some choirs in high school and college and wanted to branch out. She was quite cool, and easy on the eyes, and we all got along famously. She learned some of our songs and eventually we booked a show at the legendary (sort of) Central in Pioneer Square.

I watched bits and pieces of this video the other night. I just couldn't bear to watch any more. I remember at the time thinking how good we were. Tight. Musical. Vital. We couldn't be any further from those things. Call it first gig jitters or just plain suckiness, but we were bad. Loose and all over the place, visually uncohesive. Just awkward. Add that the singer had had one too many rum and Cokes and, well, let's just say at one point in a song, she took a complete header off the stage. Luckily she landed on a table, or she would've taken a 2-3 foot freefall. To her credit, she picked herself back up and finished the song, but not before audibly bonking the mic off of her front teeth as she raised the mic stand. Ouch.

Sadly, my brother (filming that night) was in the middle of panning away from her *just* as she fell off the stage. You see her topple forward, then you see me pulling her back up. Quite the spectacle.

Welp, it's off to do some laundry. Peace.