Thursday, July 20, 2006

Surprise, surprise!

I rehearsed with the guys today. There actually was a rhythm guitarist as well; I thought it was gonna be a trio.

Anyway, we all piled into the drummer's rehearsal studio, a Shurgard storage space, and set up. Lucky for us the temperature hadn't hit the 90s yet like it will tomorrow and the space was actually kinda cool. That changed after we finished setting up.

I had dusted off Emilio's CD last night and worked on some of his tunes. Luckily the songs are pretty easy. I didn't have a hard time with them. I mentioned in the previous blog that I was concerned about a certain drummer. Well, we ended up getting him, so I had to make the best of it.

As it turns out, Chris' drumming was quite good. I'm not a fan of his particular style of playing (lots of jazz type stuff), but overall, he did fine. Rather than be picky and stuck up about it, I decided just to play and enjoy myself.

We knocked out 8 songs for a 30-35 minute set. I'm a little concerned about the between song moments as both Emilio and Chris seem to not want to start the songs without making sure it's ok with the other. I did mention to E that he needed to just start the songs and be the rock star. Chris is quite mellow and, in fact, I think he wants E to be more in charge as well.

Later on, Rob, the rhythm guitar, showed up. He really added some fullness to the band. Plus, it helped that the three of them used to play these songs way back when. We ran through the set once or twice with Rob and it felt pretty good. I'm singing some backs on a few songs and everything sounded pleasant.

I looked on the radio station website tonight and saw that the other 4 bands have been posted. One is a chick singer/songwriter with a 'tude. I thought it was gonna be kind of wimpy, but she has a few rocking tracks (think Garbage). There's another band that's a three piece acoustic thing. Can they open for Bon Jovi?? The other two bands are more guitar-oriented rock. One of them, Peepshow, has been around the Seattle scene for a few years. They should be quite tight and I'd consider them the favorites at this point.

Details have been few and far between at this point. I don't know how the bands will be judged. On one person's site, she put that audience participation is a factor. If that's the case, we'll need to do some serious pimping.

Anyway, we're gonna hook up for a few more runs tomorrow, then the big show on Saturday. Let's see what happens...


Just heard from Emilio. I guess we play 4th out of 5 bands. That's pretty cool, but we can't count on people staying to hear us play so we'll have to bring our own people. Also, the Mariners will be playing at Safeco across the street. That game starts at 1:00 and it's against the BoSox, so it'll be quite busy down there. But, if we go 4th, that puts us on at about 4-5 or so, and the ball game will get out around then, which could mean a ton of walk up traffic... Hmm.