Saturday, September 05, 2009

DIY R-Strap

Do a Google search on R-Strap and you'll find a ton of links indicating DIY (do it yourself) straps. Basically the R-Strap is a camera strap that allows you to wear your camera over your head and one shoulder, like a messenger bag. A company named Black Rapid in Seattle makes the strap and, apparently it's quite cool.

I found that the "free" Canon neck strap that came with my camera was too short to wear over one shoulder and too sweaty to wear over my bare neck. Most times, I'd just hold the camera in my hand and bunch the strap underneath.

When I saw the R-Strap and the DIY R-Straps, well, I just had to try making one myself. Most people used 1/4" screws of some sort to mount into the tripod socket. I had a few free minutes yesterday so I headed to Home Depot and spent $2.95 on some hardware. I picked up a .98 cent bag of 1/4" screws and eyes and a $1.97 locking ring. I had a guitar strap in the closet somewhere that looked to be perfect, so I put it all together today. Check it out.

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Finished product
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