Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Just a quickie

Quick update before the in-laws come downstairs to turn in and I have to give up my computer...

I heard today that I passed Phase 1 of the parking enforcement officer test! Now I get to go charm them with the interview portion of the application. That will happen in a few weeks or so, and is scheduled to go until the first week of October for all applicants. It's a long process, I guess!

The kids started school this week and so far it's been hit and miss. They seem to love it, and it's nice to have some no kid time, but man, when they get back? Whoo. It's crazy time. Riley is nuts and climbing on everyone/thing/dog. Haley has been ok, but today she had about an hour of COMPLETE INSANITY! I keep telling myself it's a transition thing and that they'll be better soon, but my patience is wearing thin. Maybe I need a bubble bath.

We (Lund Bros.) got offered a show at the Skylark by Jessie (the owner) for 9/19, but I had to turn it down as it's the one weekend that Chris is busy. So I ran it by the Scheme and we were all go, but then Gregg remembered that he had company in that week and had made plans. Ugh. I had to turn it down and now we're showless once again. I miss rocking out. Or rockin' out, if you prefer.

Been taking a lot of pictures and posting them to You can see a lot of them over there --->. Hope you're enjoying them.

I went to my neighbor's house today because they had a friend in town who was using a huge zoom lens to take pictures of birds. 400mm, I think. Now, I know next to nothing about lenses other than the lens he had was one big mofo. I took a peek through it and it was super cool. I don't need a lens that big, but a telephoto or zoom (or are they one and the same? I told you I knew next to nothing) would be cool, way down the road.

Bella is great, btw. She's a hoot every day and we all love her. She "graduated" from her discipline class, but she's far from disciplined. But, in reality, she's awesome and we are so lucky to have found her.

I guess this wasn't a quickie update after all. But I'll wrap it up now. See you later.