Thursday, September 10, 2009

Went to see Dad today

It was good. Good to see Dad, so to speak.

We weren't sure how Haley would take it as she's still sensitive about Dad being gone and all. But she said she wanted to go and she was great when we were there. I put the kids on my shoulders (separately!) and let them see Dad in his, er, cabinet (he's cremated, in an urn, high on a glass shelf). I told them how happy he was to see them, how proud he was of them, how excited he was to see how big they've grown and that he missed them so much.

I told the kids some stories about Dad and they had a good laugh. I told them about a friend of mine that used to work at C&A. He was new to the country in '99 and my dad gave this guy his first job. The job at C&A allowed him to get to where he is at today. This guy happened to learn yesterday (power of Facebook) of Dad's passing and was really moved by it. He sent me a super nice note about his thoughts of Dad and I was happy to receive it.

Anyway, as I talked to the kids, I didn't cry, but got a little misty. As much as I miss Dad, I miss him the most for the kids. It makes me so sad that they won't get to know Dad and just be with him. I am grateful, though, for the time they did get to spend together.

Afterward, we went to see Mom and she was doing just great. She and Knight went to see Dad earlier in the day and things were good. It's amazing to think that 365 days and 20 minutes ago, my dad died.

What a year. I love you, Dad, and I miss you every day. I wish you were here...