Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Walking Dead

I'm a late-comer to The Walking Dead, not having watched it until the past year.

Well, that's not entirely true. I did watch the very first episode maybe before that. I remember seeing Rick Grimes get trapped in that tank, being mysteriously talked to by a wise-cracking voice on the walkie talkie.

It annoyed me then, that wise-cracking voice. You are surrounded by zombies, you are stuck in a tank, and your only chance at salvation is a guy who is cracking wise to you.

It annoyed me so much, I didn't watch any more episodes.

Then some time passed and I decided to give it another shot. Fast forward to now and, yes, I am caught up.

There have been some good moments on the show. I have enjoyed a good chunk of the show. But I can't shake some of the choices they make.

I keep thinking of LOST. Like how much I enjoyed LOST when it first started out. I had all these questions! Why did Oceanic 817 crash? Why is there a hatch on the island? What is the deal with the smoke monster? And so on, and so on. I've forgotten over the years.

But what I remember is, after a few seasons of LOST, I simply gave up on it. I got tired of the way the characters would talk to each other. Not like people surviving on a deserted island with smoke monsters, polar bears, weird stuff, but more like people seeing each other at the mall, or out on a bike ride.

I hated that.

The Walking Dead reminds me so much of LOST. You have Rick's crew, which is Jack Sheppard's crew. You have the zombies, which are like the Others. But where LOST seemed to (at first) have a path they were going down, TWD is simply this:
  • encounter zombies
  • kill zombies
  • experience loss/injury of group member
  • encounter new group. Are they friend or foe?
  • encounter zombies
  • etc, etc.
What's driving me nuts about TWD is it seems like they are introducing characters simply for the sake of introducing characters. Since Michonne showed up, what other character has brought anything to the table? Father Gabriel? Abraham? Eugene? The Latina? Tara? Bob? Sasha? Noah?

It seems like every time someone worthless dies on this show, they're replaced with someone equally worthless. I'm not caring for any of the newer characters; if they're not part of the original crew (Rick, Daryl, Carol, Carl, Michonne, Glen, Maggie), I don't care.

Plus, when does the show progress? Remember the questions from LOST? Here's the question I want to see raised on TWD:

What caused the zombie outbreak?

They acted like they were going to touch upon it at the end of S1, but once the CDC blew up, well, I guess that was that.

There's too much of the finding of new groups (Herschel's farm, the Governor's crew [and GOD did I hate that story arc; "the Governor?" Please, how lame of a name was that?], Terminus, Alexandria, and now the Wolves). Let me guess: once they get past the Wolves, there's gonna be a new, dangerous group that our heroes encounter.

So tired of this lazy story. Bring on Westeros.