Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Last night's gig with StarChief

And then there were three. Me, Brett and Nelson. Brett had booked a gig for SC at the Rendezvous, a small little bar that happens to have a theater attached to it. In fact, this theater used to be a small movie theater, only now they have bands playing there all the time.

Even though the Mighty SC had played there a few times, on weekend nights, no less, the booker considered us new, and therefore booked us for "New Music Monday", a.k.a. "See if you can draw a crowd on Monday before we book you on a weekend". I went in with low expectations. As in happy to play in front of 10 people expectations.

Imagine my excitement when, just as we played our first note, there were four people in attendance. Keep in mind, my band only has three members. Luckily, the way the theater is setup, when you're on stage, you have lights shining in your eyes and you can't see the people dressed as empty seats.

This was our first "real" gig as a Power Trio. The other two (house party and bar & grill gig) didn't count. This gig didn't require us to bring our own P.A.; always a good sign. I could actually hear myself singing (not necessarily a good sign). My rig and bass had really satisfying tone and I thought I played pretty well. In fact, we all did pretty good. There were a couple of clams, though. But, as Nelson's fond of saying, you get one mulligan per song.

When we finished and the lights came on, it was nice to see that some people did actually come out (even though they were there for the Indie Cred filled White Collar High). It was a fun night in that I got to play music. How's that saying go? Even when sex is bad, it's good? That's kind of how I feel about music. Even when it's bad, it's better than not doing it at all.