Saturday, April 30, 2005

LOL and other things

Good lord, I don't know if I can continue the Robin saga. I should let the poor girl rest in peace. Not that she's dead or anything; I have no clue where she is now. But the next few entries are all about how a boy feels about a girl.

Haley knows how to open doors now. Well, she knew how to already, but we'd bought these "child-proof" handle covers. You gotta squeeze 'em to open the door. Well, she just pulls down on it and the doors open. So bedtime is like jailbreak these days. We hear the door open and it's on. Track her down, put her back in bed. Good times.

Looks like the Lunds have booked a gig for June 11th at a place in Tacoma called Panamonica's. Not much of a website, but supposedly one of the better clubs in town. I'll keep you posted.

I've "acquired" a copy of Make Believe, Weezer's latest CD. I've become somewhat of a Weezer lover the past few months, only recently learning of the new CD. My first impression of MB wasn't all that positive. I was hoping for more pop nuggets like In The Garage, or No One Else, Don't Let Go, and O Girlfriend. But there were songs that were quite simplistic, like the lead track, Beverly Hills. And some of the other tunes are very '80s-ish, with keys and all, but, after a few more listens, that sucker's starting to grow on me. It releases May 10th, so do check it out.

For my birthday, Marci got pre-bought for me Forza Motorsport for the good ol' Xbox. That hits on the 3rd and the geek in me CAN'T FREAKING WAIT. I played quite a bit of Gran Turismo 2 on the good ol' PS2, but sold it last summer, so have been without a racing "sim" for some time. Tuesday will be fun.

Oh yeah, did you notice that the Pope blessed my music? How cool is that? He has a blog as well and it's great. Check it out.

The Incredible Hulk has a blog too. Who knew he was literate? Great stuff.