Friday, April 08, 2005

What's new?

Well? What is new? Let's see.

Musically speaking... Had a couple of auditions with the Lunds. That's going smashingly. I'm singing a lot more than I ever have. It's great fun and challenging at the same time. Monitors are everything; not being able to hear myself sing when I play is a big ego melter. I sing the parts fine in the car, but come game time, I choke like A-Rod in the ALCS.

Played a gig with Starchief at Brett's work last weekend. Not the best gig ever, but there was a lot of eye candy and that was nice. Talking about monitors, the speakers were RIGHT behind my head and I could hear every note I sang, bad or worse! But, it was better than not hearing it all.

Bought a new strap for my bass. I've been using a plain black one for years and since I had a few eBay bucks, I bought a new one with red sparkly stars on it. I rock! Slapped some straplocks on that baby and now I'm a new man.

Health speaking... Riley has had a rough go the past few weeks. He had a vaccination a few weeks ago and it really screwed him up. Hives all over his body, for days. He looked like he fell into a hornet's nest. A few dr's visits and 5 days later, his skin was back to normal. Come Easter morning, he woke up with a fever of 100+ and hives up the wazoo again. Sigh. After a few more dr's visits, plus a trip to Children's Hospital, it turns out he has a condition called Erythema Multiforme, which basically means he is hyper allergic to certain things. We were able to wait another 4-5 days and it cleared up, but now we have to keep an eye on him. Good times.

Tonight, we tried to let him cry it out for an hour to go to sleep. Our regular pattern has been dinner, baths, bed. Only he likes it more like dinner, bath, eat, goof off, eat, screw around, laugh, jump up and down, be held, freak out, eat, and then, finally, when Marci and I hit the hay at 11:30 or so, go to sleep. That little brat has given his mom back aches and me tendonitis in my arms. It's been tough, but I figure we lock the sucker in his crib for a few hours for a few nights and we're golden. Cross your fingers.

Changing gears.

Washed my car yesterday at a drive-thru car wash. I forgot how hot my little hatch looked when it's clean. Nice! Then, of course, it rained like hell today. Figures.

Until next time...