Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Still waiting for more gifts

So yesterday was my 33rd birthday and, apparently, only one person took it upon herself to look at my list and get gifts. That one person being my dear wife. Sadly, though, when I entered my garage, the new GTi was nowhere to be found.

But I did get the Incredibles DVD, the Aimee Mann DVD, a pre-purchase of Forza Motorsport (wo00t!!) and Seasons 1 and 2 of Family Guy (from my bro). Oh yeah, also a free chocolate sundae from Red Robin, home of the Big Red Bird (as Haley calls it).

Right now I'm at home in the middle of the day. Marci's sick. Sore throat, congestion. She's miserable. Riley has more stuff wrong. Again. Ear and eye infections. One on each side. He's actually doing pretty good, though. Currently watching a Baby Einstein DVD. I wish I had the idea for that. Who woulda thought that taking a bunch of videos of toys and puppets and putting them to a classical soundtrack would make truckloads of money? Go figure.

In other stunning developments, I am working on learning about 16 Lund Bros. songs. They have a total of 3 CDs out (though 1 was a double). I'm learning songs from all 3 CDs and it's a blast. Some songs I'm singing harmonies on, others just bringing the rawk. It's a kick either way.

One thing I'm interested in tracking down is an Akai Unibass UB-1.

That little baby will help fill the void created when Chris (the guitarist) solos or drops out. Apparently it creates a rhythm guitar-y distortion a 4th or 5th above the root note that the bass would play. I'm interested in it because on the Lunds studio stuff, the sound is really lush and full. 3-4 guitar layers sometimes, with acoustic and 12-string thrown in for fun. So, in a 3 piece live setting, it can sound pretty thin at times. As it is, I have some overdrive distortion on my bass. It fuzzes things up a bit, but it's not quite where I'd like it. Therefore, this pedal gives me wood. Sadly, though, they're discontinued, and the only one on eBay is going for $220.

Then again, with more practices and getting used to the stripped 3 piece sound, maybe I won't need that extra toy.