Monday, May 16, 2005


Had a lousy rehearsal tonight. Marci's b-day is Wednesday so we bumped practice to tonight. I was all over the place, missing notes, trying too hard. I need to simplify and learn the parts fully before putting my spin on them.

In other news, Haley took a dump in the potty today. It's about time! We've been on her case for some time and today she did it (3rd time total). We took her to the Raa Sss (Rainforest Cafe) in Ghetto, er, I mean, Southcenter, as a reward. Thing about that place is, their menu is so dang big, I can never figure out what I want. It all looks pretty good, but none of it looks great. Oh well. Riley had a fun time figuring out what the hell the fake lightning storm was all about.

Two words. SONICS, BABY! What a great game last night. I think I love Ray Allen. And don't get me started about Antonio Daniels. I kind of hope Rashard can't play tomorrow. The Spurs have really been killing him on the double team and he can't seem to pass/shoot his way out of it.

Marci got a TiVo for her birthday and Mother's Day. Now that we have 2, I've got some control of my basement again. However, I've forgotten what my dear wife looks like. Turns out, our TiVo time was our time spent together. Looks like I'll have to figure out how to balance things.

Remember: Sonics vs. Spurs, tomorrow @ 6:30pm.