Monday, May 23, 2005

One week later

What's new? Nothing. Well, something. Did a bunch of yardwork yesterday. We believe in the bury-it-under-a-bunch-of-bark method of landscaping. We dump 3-4 inches of bark and hope the damn weeds suffocate and die. So far it's looking pretty good. Still have a small car sized pile of bark in the driveway, though...

I just fired off an email to a bunch of people I know, as well as some people I don't, advertising about my band switch. There were probably 20 or so addresses that were of people looking for bassists a few months ago. They have me on their lists, so I figured I'd keep 'em informed about what I'm up to. Networking, you know?

Bummer about the Sonics. I had a great time watching the playoffs. They just lost to a better team. Hopefully management figures a way to keep the big stud hosses (Ray, AD, heck, even JJ after his first round series).