Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Just got back

from Tacoma. Had a great rehearsal tonight. 26 songs! Not perfect yet, but getting better all the time. I'm having so much fun playing these songs, singing some backups and getting to know Chris and Sean. We'll get together again on Monday for more fun.

In other news... Marci got Riley to sleep on his own tonight. As I type, he's in his crib and Marci's Tivo-ing right now. This is a first. I was out, of course, so she did all this by herself. I'm very proud of her. Usually she'd give in to the turd's cries, but not tonight. Well done. We'll see if he does it tomorrow.

I finally got a copy ofForza Motorsport and I'm hooked. I remember being a Gran Turismo freak on the PS1/PS2 and now, I'm a Forza Whore. I've been spending lots of time after 11:00pm the past few nights racing, tweaking and cursing. Good times, highly recommended.

I've heard that StarChief is no more. Well, at least Nelson is gone. Johnny called me today, said that Nelson is pursuing another band with former bandmates. I haven't heard from B$ for a while; I think it's time to figure out what he's doing. I'll call him tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed for the Sonics tomorrow. Hopefully they can hold serve in Seattle.