Friday, October 21, 2005

Hot diggity dog

When I joined the Lunds, Chris gave me about 5 CDs to send out to clubs in Seattle. I sent them to the Croc, Chop Suey, handed one to Neumo's, and a few other places I can't recall. Basically "A" clubs, IMO. Back in the day, you could also throw the Sit n Spin and the I Spy into the mix.

In my other "successful" bands (Ethyl and Starchief), we played at all those clubs, though we were never the "popular" kids. We'd play on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Let me put on my thinking cap. We played the Sit n Spin twice in Ethyl. If I recall, both times were quite fun, but nothing happened (ie: we didn't take that next step to a Friday night gig). Actually, thinking back, I think both SnS gigs were Saturdays...

Anyway, we also played the Crocodile once, on a Thursday, I think. Would've been a good night, except everyone was already partied out as it was January 2. That was fun, too, but, alas, nothing happened after that either.

Well, the other day, I received an email from Pete at the Croc, offering the Lund Bros. a show. Once I got the go ahead from Sean (he goes to night classes), I sent Pete an email back. Sadly, after a day's worth of email checking, I had no response. I called Pete today and as I'm telling him that we're in, I saw on the Croc's site that he'd already listed us for 11/29.


It is a Tuesday and we're playing with a band called Gary Reynolds & the Brides of Obscurity. They seem to have some juice around town, and, judging from their pix, they have the oh-so-important Indie Cred (tm). I might have to get myself some sort of fashionable sport coat. To me, it seems that in Seattle, not only do you have to sound good, you gots to look hip. And what's hipper than a cool sport coat these days?

Not sure why Pete finally looked us up. I'd called him last week and he gave me a stock "don't call us; we'll call you" type response. I'd like to think he'd gotten good word about us from the EMP gig. Maybe I'll ask him when I see him next month.

Indie Cred Here We Come!!