Monday, October 17, 2005

Saturday at the EMP

What a cool place to have a gig. Pro all the way around.

We showed up and loaded in. Usually this consists of lugging your gear through the bar, up some stairs, and onto stage. On Saturday, we loaded in with a cart AND an elevator. No one was breathing hard or tired from moving their stuff. Sometimes, it's the little things...

The Liquid Lounge at EMP is definitely the coolest venue I've played before. If you've seen the EMP from the outside, you know it looks odd. Kind of like a big lump of shiny red clay dropped from the sky. Apparently it's supposed to represent Paul Allen's vision of music or something.

Anyway, from the outside, it's huge. From the inside, it's huge. It's like a big, odd shaped warehouse. The Liquid Lounge is on the second floor, tucked into the NE corner of the blob. As you look at where the stage is (it's actually a glorified drum riser), you see the vastness of that particular area of EMP. Hopefully the pictures taken will be sent to me soon. I'll put some up here.

We were scheduled to go on at 10:00, which we thought was second, but ended up being first. No worries. It actually worked out fine. There were many people there. I was responsible for 15 of them, which was great, but I'm a bit disappointed as there probably could've been many more. Oh well...

We soundchecked with a song (Feel), then hung out for an hour while we waited for showtime. I heard from several people that as you walk up to the place, there are speakers outside that broadcast the band's music. Don't know if anyone came in cause they liked what they heard, but I thought it was pretty cool.

Finally, it was showtime. Chris started playing, but it wasn't what was on the set list. He started with Accident, which isn't a big deal, but no one told me. I was able to play along fine, but I like that song later in the set because I like to get a feel for how the PA and monitors sound, as that's a trickier vocal song for me. As it was, I had to bail out on one part, but finished the rest without (hopefully) mangling it.

The rest of the set continued without issue. There were a few flubs here and there, but nothing disastrous. We got appreciative applause after each song, and after our last song, we got the coveted, "ONE MORE SONG" chant. Sadly, the soundman said we'd done our share and we had to vacate the stage.

Afterwards, we had many kudos and compliments. Several people said they wanted to remove the band that followed us and have us play instead. I would've loved to do that, but it wouldn't have been PC, you know?

As it is, we made good strides at that club. Hopefully the booker was impressed with our draw and will have us back again. I'm pretty sure we can draw like that again.