Sunday, October 09, 2005

Last night's gig

Last week, it was at the Marsbar in Seattle, about 20 minutes from home. Last night, it was at Bob's Java Jive in Tacoma, about 40 minutes from home. And to make things more interesting, the show wasn't starting until 10:00pm. Praise Jesus.

So the drive down was uneventful. I got to BJJ at about 9:30 or so. If you've never seen the Java Jive, here it is:

Only, when I got there, it was dark, wet and kind of scary. I pushed my way in the front door and was immediately greeted by thick smoke, and a dame/broad sitting at the corner of the bar. She had on leopard skin, of course, and looked 10 years older than she probably was. Lucky for us, she was nice.

This place, the Java Jive, is quite small. When you first enter, it's a bar, which can probably seat 15 people. There's a few tables opposite the bar. Getting through is pretty tight. Getting through with a bass cab and gear is tighter.

Passing by the bar and tables brings you to the music room. Immediately to your left is the "stage". By "stage", I mean "area behind the counter". And by "area behind the counter", I mean "it's not really a stage, just a spot where bands play".

It is elevated, though, which makes it ok, unless you're over 6'5", in which case, you'd have to play on your knees.

We were scheduled to go second, with a band called Twink the Wonderkid (featuring a local DJ on bass) going last. No clue who was to play first and it wasn't until about 5 songs into their set that they said their name.

But, they were a 4 piece punk band and they were GREAT. They're called the 4 Easy Pieces and they rocked the Java Jive. The singer/guitarist looked like he could've been an accountant by day, and punk rocker by night. He was clean-cut, but had a super growl. His lead guitarist was great too. Had all the cool punk moves. Each song was a 2:30 punk ditty, 3 chords and a cloud of dust and all that, but they were really fine. If you can catch them, I recommend it.

After 4EP tore down, we set up. Sean's friend Cam showed, plus a few chicks he knows. I didn't send any emails, nor did Chris; we want to do the spam this week for our EMP show. We started off without a setlist. Chris apparently forgot 'em. Whoops. Luckily, he had an old one laying around so we improvised off of that one.

I think we played ok. There were a few clams by yours truly, but overall, it was passable. Luckily (or unluckily) there weren't too many witnesses. One funny thing was that I found out while tearing down was I didn't plug in my 15" cab. I remember before we started, thinking my bass sounded a little less-bottomy. I thought it had to do with some settings I'd tweaked on my SansAmp. Well, turns out I forgot to plug in the 15". Whoops. But, the 2x10 didn't sound half bad on its own. I'll make sure to plug in on Saturday at the EMP.

One good thing that happened last night was we actually got paid! I think since I've been in the band, we've been paid once. Now, it's twice! We made $20 and I got $8. Sweet! We probably won't get paid next week, but, then again, that's not why we're in it, is it?

Here's a picture from last week: