Friday, October 07, 2005

Still alive and kicking

No reason for not blogging. Just lazy, I guess.

Been doing a lot of nothing, really. Working, coming home, playing with the kids, playing music once a week or so. Nothing terribly exciting. Haven't gotten any cars stuck anywhere.

Oh. Here's something I got. I purchased a 2x10 bass cab off eBay. Wanted to downsize my rig, mainly because I got tired of lugging around a big ass 4x10 cab. Besides, the 2x10 is better suited to my amp (has to do with ohms and impedence), and runs more efficiently. Plus, my entire rig fits in my car without me having to put my rear seat down. Nice.

Speaking of music, the Lund Bros. gig is going along nicely. At our most recent show, last Saturday at the Marsbar, we played with only one band, as the other band didn't show. We lucked out and got to play an extended set - about 18 songs or so. Some were rough though; it'd been months since we played 'em. I sent out an email to my list (about 180 people) and one person showed. ONE. Pathetic. Chris and Sean, from Tacoma, had about 20 or so people between them, most of whom lived in Seattle. I suck.

Anyway, we finished and the second band played. They were a SoCal pop/punk style band from Seattle. Four dudes who were old enough to know better, meaning that they should have known that the schtick works for 20 year olds, not 35 year olds with beer guts. One dude had a 4 inch mohawk. Very punk. He even made lame goofy "look at me" faces behind the singer during each song. My one friend, Fred, who showed up, said he wanted to kick that guy's ass. It was entertaining. But, I digress.

The bass player had a wireless rig that didn't work right. Kept cutting out, so, finally he ditched it for a cord. Funny thing about that band; they had all this great gear. Mesa/Boogie guitar amps, Hartke bass rig (actually, not that great), Les Pauls, etc. What a shame that they didn't do any of it justice. Not that they were poor players; quite the contrary. They were ok, but the tones they got were awful! All mids, no bottom, very dry and thin.

Anyway, they finished and we were thankful. Ironically, this band has played the Warped tour (supposedly) and have gigs up and down the West Coast (DIY style). Their studio recordings aren't half bad, but if you go see them expecting that, you'll be sorely disappointed.

Enough about them, let's talk about us...