Saturday, November 19, 2005

Last night at the 4th Ave Tavern

Last night's show was the first I've had in a long while where I just didn't want to go. The main reason was the 60 mile drive to Olympia. I spent all day at work driving around, delivering stuff in Seattle, stuck in traffic, etc. Usually it's not a big deal, but, after dinner, sitting down with my visiting father-in-law, and watching the first half of the Sonics game, I didn't want to go anywhere. But, like a good bandmate, I packed up the car at 8:30 and made the trek.

60 miles and 60 minutes later, I was in the state capital. I'd played the 4th Ave a few times a few years ago with Ethyl. It's an interesting club. Half of the place is like a theater. There's a stage and a large viewing area with tables and chairs. Kind of cavernous. The other half of the place is the bar area. There's some pool tables, dart boards, etc.

Sean was there and he was excited; he works in Olympia and was expecting many friends. I got introduced to many people (he has lots of eye-friendly female acquaintances). Sean really puffed me up. I had to have a good show or else I'd be letting everyone down :).

After the first band finished (a lousy, meandering jam type band), we took the stage. The seating area was pretty much filled with people. There were some diva-ish moments on stage with Chris as he had the soundguy tweak his monitor level. Took us about 5 minutes to sort through that. We then started the set. Since there were only 2 bands last night, we got to play our Extend-o-Set, about 25 songs.

Did I mention that EVERYONE in Olympia smokes? That stage was a cancer hazard! However, with the passing of 901, smoking in public places in Washington will soon be a thing of the past! Sweet!

But, I digress.

A few songs in, the girls started dancing. About 3 or 4 of them, just doing the generic White Girl Shuffle. However, having 3 or 4 girls in front of us doing the WGS is better than no girls doing no WGS.

No fisticuffs tonight. Lots of appreciation from the people there. Ran into a guy who was in a band called the Splinters years ago; we played some shows together way back when.

All in all, it was a good night. We got paid again, $100 between the 3 of us. Kind of nice to make money playing music, and also play for more than 10 people. I could get used to that.

For now, we have one more show lined up, though I've been in talks with some bookers around town. Hopefully we'll have one at the Chop Suey in the near future. I'm starting to get the feeling that the bookers around town are hearing about us, seeing the Lund Bros. name in the Stranger, and with my emails, hopefully are keeping us in mind for some shows. Not all will be as great as the past few shows, but, if we can keep the train moving, it'll continue to build.