Monday, November 21, 2005

Things that go Meow in the night

There's a cat outside my back door right now, eating my food and sleeping (maybe) on my towel.

A few minutes ago, Marci heard some meowing. I told her our dumb cat was under the coffee table, dead to the world. Yet she still heard meowing. I turned on the light to the deck and saw this completely gray cat. Boy or girl, I don't know. Its tail is a bit weird, like it got caught in a door. Actually kind of a cute cat.

We put some food on a plate and put it outside with it and that cat chowed down. I pet it a bit and felt its spine right at the surface. Fluffy as the cat may be, it's pretty skinny. It also has no collar or tags, so we have no idea who's cat it is. Haven't seen it around the 'hood. Haven't seen any Cat Missing signs either.

This cat was quite friendly to me, raising its ass in salute as I pet it. I brought a towel outside for it to snuggle in as it's going to get to mid-30s tonight.

As much as I despise my cat (she's an idiot), I hope the Gray Ghost outside does ok tonight. I've sent an email to a cat friendly friend; if the GG is still around, maybe she'll take pity on it and give it a home? If not, we may give Animal Control a call and cross our fingers.

Forgive the zombie eyes. It's actually a pretty cute cat.