Thursday, November 24, 2005

My brother the entrepreneur

Talked to my brother for Thanksgiving tonight. The youngest one, unfortunately named Dung (which means East in Chinese, though Mom & Dad could've spelled it a *little* differently), called up to say he bought 3 Xbox 360s. THREE. This from a guy who simply doesn't have time for video games anymore. I think he has an original Xbox and uses it for movie watching.

Anyway, he apparently went to the Bellevue Best Buy and was #179 in line. He waited for 19 hours, he said. And, he went on a whim. Which kind of chaps my hide cause, had I known, maybe I would've camped out with him. I did bust his balls for not calling.

He got one at BB, then one at Costco (got there at 4:00am sometime this week), as well as one from Circuit City online (spent 4 hours online trying). In all, he said over a 48 hour period, he got 2 hours sleep. This from a guy with 3 kids and one more on the way.

So, his plans, much to my chagrin, are to sell each one. I read online about a guy who sold one for $900, had another one from somewhere else, sold it for $800, and is taking the profit ($900) to buy one more Xbox 360 and put the rest towards an HDTV. I told my other brother, Knight (more fortunately named), that come Xmas, Dung's pretended to sell his Xboxes, and he and I will magically find new Xboxes under our Xmas trees.

Yeah, right. I should have done that myself. Make a few bucks for a little effort. Ah, well, there's always the PS3 launch next year...