Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Kindergarten checklist

  • New clothes: check.
  • Backpack: check.
  • Umbrella for torrential downpour: no, but mom had one, so, check.
  • Enthusiasm: check.
  • Wristband for bus ride: check.
  • Plan for what to do if Haley isn't dropped off at the right stop, or was dropped off before Marci picked her up: uh, no.

So I just got a call from Marci saying her nightmare came true. She got to the bus stop (about 5 minutes from the house), parked and saw the bus. Then she saw the bus continue on past the stop.


Either Haley wasn't on the bus (was it even the right bus? Don't know) or she was on the bus and the driver forgot to stop. Anyway, if Haley did get off before Marci showed up, I'd think Marci would see her walking/standing around. Hopefully Haley didn't walk around and get lost; I don't think she'd know how to get home from where the stop was. When I was a kindergartener, I got off at the wrong stop once and was able to knock on a door and eventually we got things figured out.

Right now, Marci's headed up to the school to see what the heck is going on.

Maybe we need to get Haley a cell phone?? I kid, I kid...


Haley is back in Marci's loving arms. No drama, I guess. The bus driver didn't see a parent at Haley's stop so, being the first day of school and all, he decided to bring her back to the school.

All's well that ends well.

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