Monday, September 03, 2007


Tomorrow is Haley's big day. She's been excited about it for a few weeks. I suppose I am excited for her as well. It's pretty cool to think that this next "stage" of her life is upon us. Heck, she'll be in school for 13 years, or 17 to 18 if you count college. Yikes.

I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a madhouse up at her school, which, incidentally, is the same elementary school I attended about 100 years ago. After her first year, though, they're moving the entire school down the street to the location where a new school is currently being built. I'd like to see her off tomorrow, but I'd just be one more person up there and Marci's going to take pictures anyway. Besides, I don't want anyone to see me cry...

Speaking of crying, I think Hay has been a little overwhelmed with the excitement. She's been an emotional mess the past few days. Crying over the littlest thing (to me, anyway). Seriously being bratty, but also being so fun when she realizes that school starts tomorrow. Can't wait to hear how that goes.