Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Still alive

Just a quickie for now.

Been busy with stuff like:
  • Preparing closets for closet treatments (ie: getting rid of junk and clothes)
  • Going to various meetings for Haley's school (ie: Girl Scouts and open house)
  • Dad is sick with colon cancer. He's doing quite well, though, considering. He's out of town right now and has promised to see the doctor when he comes back.
  • (side note: I have a Logitech wireless keyboard. How come when I type at, the keystrokes run about 10 to 15 keys behind where I'm actually typing? Very annoying!)
  • Riley's been sick on and off. He's on medication right now to help with pneumonia. It gives him TERRIBLY STINKY FARTS. Horrid.
  • No bands for a few weeks now. David had his little boy; Chris is out of town for LB. We'll dial up LB on Monday (new songs!) and the Scheme next Thursday, I think.
  • Watching a ton of football. Freakin' fake audibles!
More later!