Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend update

We had a busy day today. Went to brunch at church. Saw the SPU kids who are back from summer vacation now. After that we went to a birthday party of one of Riley's friends.

In fact, I think it was his first real birthday party. A little girl named Sophie. Riley calls her "Rophie". No wonder he's in speech therapy!

Yesterday we went to the mall again. Marci and I have been sort of on clothing kicks lately. I can't remember the last time I bought any clothes. Then, last weekend I got some new jeans, a shirt, a sweater and some nice undershirts (crew shirts, I guess). Yesterday I got a new dress shirt, tie and socks to complete a cocktail attire look for Marci's 20th year reunion in a few weeks. Overall, we've just spent way too much money the past few weeks. But I'm trying to justify it (yeah, right!) by looking at it as an investment. After all, I probably won't buy much in the way of new clothes for a while now. Though, I have to admit, it is kind of cool to look a little nicer. Now I just have to get a g.d. haircut.

Our closets got finished on Friday. What an improvement! Our bedroom closet went from a horizontal shelf up top with a horizontal rod for clothes below to almost walk-in with shelving and hang rods on all three sides! So hot! Haley and Rye both got killer new treatments as well. Overall, I'm very pleased with the investment.

It looks like I won't be playing music this week after all. No church band today, no Lund Bros. tomorrow (Sean is sick) and no the Scheme on Thursday (Gregg is out of town). Bummer.

Speaking of out of town, my brother and his family are leaving for Ireland on Thursday. Dung is packing his whole family (Ruby, Megan, Michael, Annabelle, and Joshua) on a plane, and moving to Dublin for 2 years. It's a Microsoft thing and they're paying for all the travel and moving expenses. But Dung's had to sell pretty much all their belongings, rent/lease the house, and sleep on air mattresses the past few weeks. He looked whipped today. We'll miss them a lot, but hopefully, will be able to skype or something on the webcams soon.

The whole damn family is sick. Marci has, we think, a sinus infection. She's in lousy shape. Riley has some sort of pneumonia. I forget what the doc called it. And Haley is just bratty. She's too tired from school and refusing to take naps. Me? I'm perfect!

I'm off to watch the Chicago/Dallas game. I'm 7-7 with my picks this week. Probably won't win any $$$, unfortunately. But the Seahawks won an exciting game and I'm a happy boy!

See you this week.