Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weekend recap

Well, it's over, finally. Went pretty well, the weekend, that is.

Yesterday, Marci went out with her friend Nadejda from CA and basically drank and ate their way through Southcenter. I hung out with the kids for awhile and we ran some errands. I did get to watch most of the Huskies game, then headed out to dress up as a bear for 2 hours.

Believe it or not, it was kind of fun. Sure, it was HOT AS HADES in that suit, but I enjoyed reading to the kids and dancing like a fool. Surprisingly enough, no one blew the end of the Huskies game for me, though it never was in any doubt.

We hit a friend's birthday party after that and had a nice time. Good BBQ and I threw a football for the first time in many moons. Nice spiral, I might add.

Today we started off with church. Afterwards, I came home and watched most of the GB/PHI game, then raced off to Dad's to watch the Seahawks game on his glorious 70" Sony HDTV.

So tasty.

The game itself was pretty much a dud for the first half. The second half was more interesting in that there was some Seahawk scoring going on, but it would've been nicer to see a more decisive performance from our passing game. But we won, so that's good.

I also found out prior to the game that Dad may have colon cancer. Knight talked to his MIL who had talked to Dad. She said that he said his doctors said he had colon cancer. Ugh. I'll have to call Dad to get the straight dope. Until then, consider me cautiously worried.

Back to lighter stuff. Anyway, after the game, it was back home with the kids while Marci was out with her friend again. I mowed the lawn and had some dinner. I was planning on heading to see MUSE, as Marci was going to come back shortly.

Before her and her friend came back, my friend Dave (Marci's friend's husband) and his two little girls came over. We all hung out and chatted for a while. Soon afterwards, Marci and Nadedja came back and, after putting the kids down, ended up just having an adult night in. I decided to skip out on MUSE as I'd seen them before, it was at the KeyArena (not the most ideal place to see a show) and it was late on a Sunday. I just wasn't up for the hassle of going out, plus, it'd been a long time since I'd seen either one of them.

We had a good time drinking wine, talking about whale penises, and generally having fun being inappropriate. I think MUSE would've been cool, but hanging with friends and family trumped that tonight.