Friday, October 12, 2007

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

We all know they were in town last week. What not all of us know is that my shop donated some stuff and will get some Major Props from the show.

Not really.

Though we did donate some computer equipment, we were just one of hundreds of businesses and individuals that donated time, materials and the like to help build a home in a week. It was pretty incredible to go see the house and hear about what was happening during the build.

I got involved through Julie at work. Her fiancee owns Bellevue Paint and they got asked to supply paint for the job. On a lark, I told Julie to tell the producers that if they needed computers, etc., to let me know. Turns out they did and I hooked them up with a few laptops and a printer.

Julie and Rick ended up going to the site for 4 days in a row. I was supposed to go out on Tuesday night but decided against it as it was late. I guess I missed out. Julie had the "talent" (re: stars of the show) ready to meet me, as well as a tour of the semi-completed home. I ended up going on Wednesday afternoon, after the home was marked off-limits to everyone but VIPs. I met some hunk of a dude who built things or something. I poured some wood stain into a container. I got to wear a hard hat.

Evidently the only money kicked into the project is for the show's stars. Everything else from food to wood to dump trucks to neighbor's yards for staging was donated. I talked to a guy who's company donated said dump trucks for the job. They brought up 40 trucks to excavate the site. Pretty incredible stuff.

Anyway, the show airs in January. If you see 2 white laptops, well, they're from us.