Monday, October 22, 2007

Ugh. Viruses and such.

I did some downloading recently and, BLAM. My rig is infected. I've been spending the past two days trying to rid my system of some trojans and viruses.

Good times...

In other news, I may have won my football pool. Out of 13 games, I got 11 right. It's pending the Monday night game. I picked the Colts over the Jags. I've won it pretty much outright but someone I work with has 10 games right and picked the Jags. If the Jags win, then we're tied and it goes to points. If the Colts win, it's all mine!

I recorded a bass track with Sean the other day. I spent about 2 hours with it in the morning and did it Saturday night. That was cool. I think I was able to capture a pretty live feeling to the part. I didn't want to go in and have it be all robotic and sterile. Hopefully I can get a copy of it tonight and see how it sounds.

The Scheme has been on hiatus for several months now. First David had a baby, then Gregg was in Italy for a month. Now I'm told Gary is moving back east to S. Carolina at the first of the year. David wants to keep things going but I haven't heard from him in a week or so. I've been enjoying the time off, though I do miss playing the music.

We are downsizing our kitchen stuff. Getting rid of our big, country-style table, for a bar type island and stools. We're planning on using that for breakfasts and lunches and using our dining room for dinner. We did the dinner thing there last night. It went ok. The trouble is that Riley is a complete disaster when it comes to eating and we'll have to really be on top of keeping it clean. Carpet, you know.

Marci is looking exceedingly good lately. We've pretty much revamped her wardrobe. Gotten her clothing that fits better and that is more with it. She got her hair cut and spends some time looking in the mirror each morning. She's been exercising every other day and always watches what she eats. It's really paying off. I can't keep my eyes (or hands, for that matter) off of her. I'm a lucky dude, that's for sure.

I guess I should go do some work now...