Monday, December 17, 2007

Lund Bros. at the Skylark

It is completely DEAD at work, so I'll try recapping the show from Friday at the Skylark.

I showed up there about 8:00 or so and saw some of the guys from one of the other bands playing that night, the Small Change. Greg, Nick, Jason, the drummer (who I haven't met yet), and Scott from Llama and Doll Test, among others, all sat around a table in their indie sportcoats and fancy scarves, sipping beers. All they were missing were pipes.

Thankfully, though, the guys are all very welcoming and even let boring ol' me sit with them. We shot the shoot for a bit before I had to get ready for sound check, etc. I had my standard setup, the amp rig and the SB-2. Chris and Sean set up and we did an old song, I'll Remember for the check. For a song that we hadn't played in about 3 months, it went pretty well. Then again, it was a sound check.

Anyway, we started our set of All New Material with one of Sean's songs, Empty Rooms. I've been playing this song since July or so, but for a second, I almost forgot the whole thing. I couldn't quite remember how it went. But then I stopped worrying like a little girl and it went off without a hitch. We did a few of Chris' new rockers next and, all in all, it went pretty well.

I'd say that people seemed to enjoy our songs. I was able to play them pretty well, and I felt comfortable on stage after such a long hiatus. To me, it seemed that there was a lull after Chris' song Headhunter. That's about as heavy as we get and we followed it with Sean's song Only You, which has a really mellow beginning. We may need to separate those two songs in the future.

We were kind enough to get the "One more song" chant, so we obliged with Enjoy the Fire, from the Loser record. That one I really brain farted on. I could not remember how it went, but once I figured it out, once again, we were fine.

Next up was a four-piece band, the Guards of Metropolis. They were a trendy looking band, with black on black threads, hailing from Norway and Oregon (weird). There were two girls, one fronting the band, one on bass, and two guys, one on guitar and one on drums. They did this rock that wasn't typical rock and roll, but it wasn't prog. Kind of hard to describe, I suppose. I'd say they were quite powerful, in that the band was tight from their live shows. Musically it wasn't necessarily something I'd purchase, but I did enjoy watching them.

The singer was probably 6', with black ponytails in her hair. She was very energetic and spoke with a Norwegian accent. She kind of had a Bjork thing about her, with her screechy vocals and stage presence. To her right was the bassist, and I think I had a bit of a crush on her that night. She played a 5 string Schecter, through an Ashdown rig, complete with a mini 18 and a mini 10 on top. Her tone was great and I do believe when my beloved TE blows up, it's Ashdown time for me.

Anyway, watching this chick play bass (apparently her name is Silver) was fantastic. She wasn't intimidated by it. She didn't look awkward playing it. She owned it and she looked great doing so.

After the GoM came the Small Change. These guys are a great pop band, with guitar, bass, drums and Hammond organ. Greg fronts and he is a ball of energy. He has this great White Man's Afro and he puts a ton of passion into his performances. Their bassist, Jason, has HUGE hands. I noticed that his fingers were like sausages and said to Sean that he was simply born to play bass. He had a nice Rickenbacker and it sounded great. Nick played keys, and, I'm sorry to say, I couldn't hear his keys too much in the mix. Of course, I sat right next to the stage so that's probably what caused it. Plus, he looked asleep during the set. Not sure if he felt well or not.

The drummer was fantastic. I wish I got his name; I suppose I could look him up. Anyway, he played barefoot and he was all over the place in a good way. I figured he got his workout for the night the way he played. Very energetic and fun to listen to.

Overall it was a good night at the Skylark. We all got paid and got to see some old and new friends. Now it's time to book some more shows and get the ball rolling again.

Next up: TBD