Friday, December 21, 2007

Super Duper Friday Night Update

I AM BORED RIGHT NOW. A little hungry too. And my eyes hurt, my nose is a little stuffy and my in-laws are here. Actually, they're downstairs in my geek room. Sleeping.

What does that mean for me? Well, no geek toys, that's for sure. No 360. No Tivo with my personalized Tivo'ed programs. So, at 10:48pm, consider me bored.

One thing I would go do is read. But, the book I'm reading is business related and I am really not in the mood for business related reading. I've been holding out for Xmas before buying anything that might be considered Xmas gift material (re: games, books, movies, etc).

I am such a geek.

Last weekend we bought a car. Leased, actually. And not really a car, but a, dare I say, SUV? We traded in the Jetta (goodbye, sweet prince) and leased an 08 Honda Pilot. We just got tired of going to Costco and having to put a pallet of avocados on the kids' laps on the way home. Or stuffing my mom between two car seats if she needed a ride with us somewhere.

So we rearranged some funds (canceled our yard guys) and put it towards the payment for the Pilot. Having the in-laws here for 3 weeks kind of helped also. Now we can pack everyone in one hoopty, instead of borrowing my dad's Q7, or driving two cars everywhere we went. We went with the Cherry Pearl, with the non-leather seats. So far so good, except for the fact that Riley fell asleep in the car today and peed all over everything. Superb!

I am off work for 4 days now. Taking the long weekend. None of our customers will be working Monday. Plus, it's been so dead anyway that if I went in, I'd be just as bored as I am now, I suppose.

The Sonics looked great tonight. Dunks, killer passing, timely shooting, it was all there. KD looked great, knifing through the lane, or fading away for his pretty jumper. Now, why can't they play this good every night?

I think I'm getting old, too. I've been freezing my arse off the past few days. I have a space heater at work and I'm practically sitting on it, I've been so cold. Sucks.

Time for a late night snack. I'm hungry.