Monday, December 10, 2007

May 22, 2008 will ROCK MY WORLD

May it rock yours as well.

I remember seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark as a boy. I saw it with my dad and my bros and that's about all I remember. I was 9 or 10 at the time and though I can't say if I fell in love with Indiana Jones then, I can tell you now that my man love for the good Dr. knows no bounds.

I remember being psyched out for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It had secret passageways, sacrifices, tons of action, and Willie Scott's cleavage. I vaguely remember being a little nervous that it was rated PG-13 (the first movie rated as such, if I remember correctly) and wondered if I'd be able to see it (I was 12). I can't remember if I peeked through my fingers during the heart sequence.

I remember seeing Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade at the good ol' John Danz theater in Bellevue long before it became a Good Guys (which is now a furniture store). I stood in line with some friends on opening night and simply had a grand time. Sadly, I remember nothing from that show, either.

However, as little as I might remember about the actual theater going experiences, the movies all hold a soft spot in my heart. Some guys are Star Wars geeks. I am an Indiana Jones geek.

The first time I tried styling my hair? Instead of letting the bowl cut win out? Try 7th grade or so, modeling my hair (or at least trying to) after the good Dr. Jones.

I had Indiana Jones comic books, both of the movies and with original storylines. I have the Temple of Doom script book. Of course I have the DVDs. I have a Raiders poster somewhere, never mounted. I'm waiting til I can put it in a proper home theater (someday). I have the Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark book. I don't have a fedora or a bullwhip, though I did see that you can get an official Indiana Jones fedora through some mail order catalog. I don't know if that's super cool or simply lame.

If it wasn't so late already, I might bust out Raiders for some good times, but I am whipped, so I'll dust it off another time, I suppose.