Monday, December 10, 2007

Practice tonight

I was beat tonight. I haven't been wearing my CPAP all night these past few nights for some reason. I go to bed with it on, but somehow I end up removing it. I guess I'm used to having it on because I have been TIRED due to the lack of quality CPAP time.

I drove about 120 miles today. Did about 40 miles of driving for work, then the Tacoma round trip tonight.

We had a decent rehearsal. Not as great as last week, but not a trainwreck like weeks previous. We'll be fine for this Friday. Hopefully we have a good turn out. Apparently Sean has a bunch of people who have committed to come. Me? I have people who have told me they'll be out of town. Lame.

I will have to do some woodshedding this week. My fingers are woefully out of shape and they are sore right now. Maybe I'll work on some moves as well...

Time for bed. Early tonight! Woo hoo!