Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An Ode to Marci

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I can't say that I'm a big fan of this holiday. Don't get me wrong; I love my wife. My love knows no bounds. Unless it's Valentine's Day, that is.

As much as I want to get her something nice (and I have in the past), I didn't put much effort into it this year. I did go to a jewelry store today with Haley and looked at some necklaces. The ones I checked out started at $800. $800??!! I was thinking more like $100-$150 or so. Then again, I was in downtown Bellevue, in a store where you have to be buzzed in to get in. Poor store choice on my part.

But it's not that I don't want to get her something nice. It's just that I feel obligated to do so. Now, she has told me that she didn't want anything, but, c'mon. What girl doesn't want something on Valentine's Day? I just flipped over to and saw some of their bouquets. Nice. But $59.99 nice? Marci got me flowers last year and it was super sweet. I had no idea, but they were delivered to my work. What did I get her? I don't even remember.

So now it's 11:45pm and I have yet to get her anything. She did mention that she wanted a massage so I may hoof it over to Gene Juarez to get one for her. I did tell her that I was going to take her and the kids out to dinner tomorrow (the place I wanted to go, Koi in Bellevue, apparently is now closed. Super!) so she gets the night off. I'd like to pawn the kids off on someone, but who's gonna babysit for us on Valentine's Day?

And, to make matters worse (or increase my guilt, I suppose), I was headed upstairs a little bit ago and was told not to come up yet. What's that mean? I get something for V Day, I think. Some gift of some sort. I don't even have a card for her.

I guess I could give excuses. As in, I had a super busy day today. Couldn't barely get out of the office. Had to pick Haley up from Chinese class, then pick Riley up from my parents. Had to get them to bed as Marci was at work, so I couldn't go out. So what about other days to go get her something? And, isn't there something called the internet??

I suck as a husband!

Since I know she reads my blog from time to time, I suppose I could write an Ode to Marci or something? Would that be corny? I think so. But then again, my love knows no bounds, right? Time to put that English degree to work.


An Ode to Marci

Way, way back in '93
I met a woman named Marci

Her hair was brown
Her eyes were blue

She was engaged
This much is true

She was my boss
And at the time

I had no clue
That she'd be mine

Or even one day
We'd procreate

And make two kids
Who are pretty great

With this poetry
I'm sure I impress

Or perhaps,
Since I am under duress

I will ramble,
But, again, I digress.

So, where was I?
Oh, yes, that's right

An Ode to Marci
I'm writing tonight

The girl I love
With all my heart

Is so patient with me
It's like an art

Form of which
I need to study

Since I am not patient,
Which makes me less studly

Her beauty it seems
Is limitless

Like the stories I read
Of princesses

Who live in tall castles
And wait for their knight

In shining armor to arrive
And with all their might

Sweep them off their feet
And bring them to town

To show to the townfolk
That even a clown

Like me has a chance
For apparently

Marci sees something in me
That even I can't see

And for that I'm so grateful
Because it makes

My life so wonderful
That it often takes

My breath away
Because she loves me

Warts and all

I'm so lucky.

So what if she's
Afraid of balloons?

Or trains tracks, or heart attacks
She's no buffoon

She's my best friend, my confidant,
My roll in the hay

She's the one I want
At the end of the day

She gets me. She really gets me.
And that's no easy feat.

The fact that she's mine?
Now that's a treat.

I'm proud to be her husband
And the father of her kids

It's quite amazing that
She let me do what I did

Haley and Riley
They are the result

We're a perfect little family
Not exactly a cult

But I needed a rhyme
And "cult" kind of fit

Which tells me it's getting late
And about time to quit

So I'll end it here
With one last thing

I'll get the Kleenex
'Cause I want to bring

Marci to tears
With this little ode

To my Princess
From her Toad

I love you.