Thursday, February 21, 2008

Workin' out, getting skinny

Well, yes and no. I'm on hold with Dell right now so I figured I'd put up a post. This week and last week, I've been doing On Demand workouts. Basically I put on some shoes, go downstairs and watch a guy on TV tell me how to work out. It's more exciting than the treadmill and it kicks my butt.

Last week it was some sort or "cardio blast" for about 25 minutes. After each time (Mon and Wed), I was a sweaty wreck. Nauseous. Winded. Tired. But I accomplished it.

This week I've done two 10 minute workouts. Short, yes, but also quite intense. One is a workout with a resistance band. That isn't actually too bad. But the guy does have me do about 15 jump lunges and those KILL. I get winded and my legs burn, but, again, I accomplished it. The other workout is focused on abs and, let me tell you, I HATE AB WORKOUTS. Crunches suck. Leg lifts suck. Anything where you have to lift your head off the mat sucks.

Diet-wise, I haven't changed much of anything. Well, I haven't had a soft drink in about 2 months or so. I've been drinking lots of water and juice.

Give me a few more months and maybe I'll be squeezing into that Speedo yet.