Sunday, February 24, 2008

Update time

I watched a movie called "Once" last night, about two musicians in Ireland. I was told it was quite good and that I should check it out. I really enjoyed it, much more than what I watched the previous night, the horrible "Miami Vice".

Anyway, there's one scene in it where the two main characters are in a music store and one teaches the other a song he's written. It is very simple. He's on guitar, she's on piano and the song is FREAKIN' AMAZING. It's simply beautiful and I got a little choked up during it. The melody, the feeling with which the characters sang, the musicianship, well it was all gorgeous.

I feel like a bit of a bandwagon jumper (because I like the song so much), but the song, "Falling Slowly", won an Oscar tonight. Quite cool, if you ask me. Do yourself a favor and check out "Once".


In other news I have rehearsal tomorrow for the first time in 9 weeks. Last time we got together was 12/17. I know this because I recorded it and have been listening to it since then. We have 3 shows coming up in March, including an acoustic one in Bellingham, so we need to get our practice on. I can't wait; it's been way too long.


Did a 20 minute cardio workout today. Let it be told that I HATE JUMPING LUNGES. Geez. Do a few of those and I'm done. The good news is that I worked out 3 times this week. Go me!


I guess that's it for now. I gotta go watch the Harrison Ford interview on Barbara Walters now. Indiana Jones in the house!