Sunday, April 13, 2008

Belated birthday post

Some cool things happened this weekend. I turned 36, which, to me, is almost 40. And after 40 comes 50. So I guess that means I'm getting old?

I got a few thing for turning 36. I got ROCK BAND. Finally! I got the MUSE dvd/cd pack called HAARP. I got some CASH MONEY. I got some GIFT CERTIFICATES. I will be getting a SWING ARM FOR A LCD FOR MY DESK (my bro works in office furniture).

All in all, not bad.

Oh yeah. My birthday also included an 80 frickin' degree day! Can you believe that? So hot that I was complaining at about 3. So hot that I slept with the bedroom window open. So hot that I was sweaty all night.

Oh yeah. To start the day, after getting gifts from Marci and the kids, I was downstairs hooking up all the goodness that is Rock Band and I heard Marci call for me. Usually when she calls for me, it means she needs me to open a jar or she's hurt herself. I figured it was the latter and headed up. Turns out, she was slicing some bread for French toast and her finger got in the way. It bled like a stuck pig.

Valiantly, I sent her across the street to the old couple who are a retired dentist and nurse. I bravely stayed behind and fed the kids. A little while later, Marci was patched up and not bleeding freely anymore. We headed to the urgent care center in Issaquah later and she got two stitches and a needle of meds DIRECTLY INTO HER CUT. OH GOD, IT HURTS!

For dinner, we met Knight and Shannon and Ruth's Chris and ate ourselves silly on meat and more meat. IT WAS SO GOOD. Yum.

This week should be fun. Lund Bros. tomorrow. Scheme on Wednesday. I love music.

I solicited myspace for someone to help us with Rock posters. A friend of LB responded (who I completely spaced on asking in the first place; I even use his card as a bookmark!) and over the past few days, he's come up with some cool ass stuff. Keep your eyes peeled for some LB rock posters in the next few days.

In the meantime, I'm trying to sell my Ibanez ATK300 bass. I've had it about 1.5 years and it's time to move it on out. I'm thinking of getting another SB-2 (a nice one just showed up on ebay) or possibly chipping my car and making it a little speedier. For $300, the bass is yours. Send me a note.