Sunday, April 20, 2008

Me and Ikea

Today we went to Ikea. Oh, Ikea. How I loathe/love thee.

I really hate going there. From the drive (which is usually the best part), to the parking (hate the maze of parking lots), to the walk to the store (they need a shuttle), to the maze of the store itself (we usually end up walking in circles), to the HORDES OF UNWASHED MASSES (don't get me started), I hate it all.

But then, you see the sleek, stylish, yet diabolically affordable furniture, and my hate changes to less hate. Not quite love, you see, because, then I must have the furniture and I hate myself for wanting it.

Today we went to get Haley's free birthday gift from Ikea. A backpack. And, not only that, another reason to hate Ikea. They play to the kids. Like Safeway putting the sugared cereal at a 5 year old's eye level, Ikea sends out birthday greetings to kids promising a free gift, but ONLY IF YOU GO TO THE STORE. Diabolical.

Our trip was to get in, get the backpack, have a quick lunch at their affordable, surprisingly yummy, yet Disneyland crowded cafeteria, then head back home. Of course, we got roped into dropping the kids off at the Smalland (free childcare), which gave us an hour to stroll and shop and get roped into the Ikea trap! We ended up getting some sheets, some organization boxes, and surely some other stuff we thought we needed.

Of course, the sheets we got don't match.

Damn you, Ikea!!

/shakes fist