Monday, April 28, 2008

Too much good stuff

For my birthday, I got $200. In a stunning development, I still have $200. In other words, I have not spent it. I've been perusing the Talkbass Basses for Sale boards, the ebay G&L basses for auction listings, the Craigslist Musical instruments listings, all to no avail. The one that I did like I skipped due to no fundage. I've also been trying to sell a bass, also to no avail.

I also got a $100 gift card to the as a rebate for buying some TVs for a client at work last year. I'm trying to sell that, but to no avail. Maybe I need to wait til football season starts?

In addition to all that, I have $150 in Best Buy Reward Zone $$ to use.

By my count, that's $200 in cash, and potentially $550 in unreal money ($300 for the bass, and the other 2 amounts).

What's all this mean?

Nothing, I suppose. A rational adult would put the $200 away and utilize the other stuff for necessities. But, who ever said I was rational?

Anyway, tomorrow is a big day in the geek world. It's Tuesday, which means new records, movies and games are released. Heck, when it's at the top of the front page of the PI, I suppose it's news.

It's Grand Theft Auto IV, and though I'm not a fanboy, I think I will pick it up tomorrow at BB. I've been deeply immersed in another game, though, and I really need to finish that first (Bioshock. AWESOME).

I may pick up a mp3 player too. The one I have is decent, but I may relegate it to the kids or to travel status. We shall see how that goes.

Looking forward, it's Lund Bros. night! Can't wait for that. I may be going into the studio this Friday to do a song with Sean. Mid-week, it's the Scheme, and then in 2 weeks, it's shows with the Sportsmen!

Good times, my friends, good times.
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