Thursday, July 03, 2008

Coming to you LIVE from California

We have been having fun in California. For the most part. When the kids (re: Haley) are good, things are great. When Haley decides to be bad, well, it sucks.

Since I've been in California, I've come to tears 3 times, all because of the kids. Once was for Riley, the second was for Riley and Haley, and today it was for Haley. Riley because of his new found affliction (see Life of Riley blog) and Haley because of her extreme brattiness and my inability to help her (and her inability to say why).


Us at Legoland. Riley is goofing, not sad

Yesterday we went to Legoland and it was a good time. We had taken Haley there when she was 2.5 or so and had fun, but I don't think she remembered much, if any, of it. Marci and I were supposed to have a day without the kids, but we decided at the last moment to take them to Legoland for a good memory.

We got there just after opening and started our tour around the park. It was pretty much as I remember it being. Fun, full of Legos, and lots of trashy people (especially the big white girl with cornrows and shirt that read "Cutie with a Bootie". For real? Seriously?).

The kids really enjoyed it, and I loved sharing my fondness for Legos with Riley, who has recently shown a lot of interest in them.

Sadly, we hit almost every Lego gift shop at the park and couldn't find ONE Indiana Jones set. They don't differ any from any IJ set I could get at Fred Meyer, or even the Lego store, but the fact that I was at Legoland meant I could actually get one. When I get home, I probably won't get one. :(

After Legoland, Marci and I hit the little ocean side town of Oceanside, a little north of San Diego. We stayed at yet another WorldMark resort. This one was definitely the worst of the three, but it was functional and served its purpose.

We went out for dinner at a place called Joe's Crab Shack (think Hooters with seafood and better dressed waitresses) and ate like pigs. I partook in a margarita with Marci, complete with Pop Rocks! It was interesting.

We had a good night and a great night's sleep. We hit Ruby's at the end of the Oceanside pier (about a 10 minute walk from the beach to the diner) for breakfast, then headed back to reunite with the kids.

I have 2.5 more days before heading home to the dreary (still!) PacNW. I can't wait to rock out with the Lunds on Monday, but beyond that, it'll be pretty boring being a bachelor for 2 weeks. I may complain about the kids a lot, but I will miss those dudes (and Marci!) terribly.

Tomorrow, it's onto the 4th with the Hortons in San Clemente. Ya bo! (That's how Riley says Yahoo!)