Monday, July 14, 2008

Uh oh

I like to peruse for sale bass ads at When I see one for an SB-2, I always keep an eye on it. I saw one last week where a guy is selling/trading one. One of the trades he'd accept is for a Sterling with a maple neck.

Say. I have a Sterling with a maple neck!

I offered it to the guy and he sounds like he wants to do it. So now, I'm torn. The Sterling has been with me for 12 years or so. I bought it back in 96 I guess, from Bass Northwest. I used it pretty much exclusively for many years. I bought other basses over the years (Geddy Lee Jazz, Fender P, Spector NS2000, Ibanez ATK300) but always went back to the Sterling.

That is, until I bought an SB-2 last year. And the Sterling has been sitting ever since. :(

Now I have 2 SB-2s. My original that I got last July. Now I have a second, which I bought a few months ago. It's a tribute model, but it sings and it's black and nasty. I have my eye on a 3rd and the guy has given the go-ahead for the trade. I just sent him an email telling him about the Sterling and some of its history. His SB-2 is bombtastic and would be a worthy addition, for sure.

But, I already have 2 SB-2s!

And, the Sterling is my baby!

So, we'll see what happens. If he still accepts after my email to him, I suppose I could always bail, but then I'd have 3 basses I'd play, instead of 2 and one that just sits.

Stay tuned...