Sunday, August 10, 2008

I done did it

Last month I entertained trading away my beloved Music Man Sterling bass for another G&L SB-2. The Sterling has been with me since about 1996, when I plucked it off the wall at Bass Northwest. When it came time to pull the trigger last month, I just couldn't do it. The Sterling is such a beautiful bass and as it had been with me so long, I decided to nix the deal.

Fast forward to yesterday. I keep a bass search bookmarked at Craigslist. I check it every day, just for fun. I happened to see one for a bass that I knew nothing about, yet I had to have.

The color was beautiful, the black pickguard just looked great and it had a matching headstock (same color as the body). The seller wanted $825 for it and since I didn't have $825 to spend, I offered up the ol' Sterling to see what would happen.

Well, he was interested. After a few emails back and forth, we decided to meet today. I cleaned up the Sterling and packed it in its case for a quick trip to Bothell.

Matt (the seller) and I hooked up and we tried out each other's basses. We told each other about each bass' history and issues. The Lakland was beautiful in person and played really well, though the action was a bit lower than I like. I think Matt was really pleased with the Sterling.

We ended up chatting a few minutes, then we went our separate ways, both with new basses.

He should have no problems with the Sterling. Even though I couldn't trade it away last month, it just ended up hanging on my wall downstairs. With the Lakland (Duck Dunn Signature Model), it'll definitely get some play. I think I've turned into a P-bass kind of guy over the past year. The SB-2s have definitely spoiled me, but I'm really looking forward to taking the DD for a spin tomorrow night.

Goodbye, old friend!