Saturday, August 02, 2008

Last night at the Skylark

When I planned this show, I knew I wanted the Doll Test on the bill. I just love those guys! Scott was kind enough to oblige, so then it was off to find a third band.

I was having a hard time getting a third. I could've asked one of the Unsmashable crew, but we've been playing with them a lot lately and I wanted to branch off a little (though it could be argued, if it ain't broke, don't fix it).

Anyway, I asked Sgt. Major but they were in studio or something, so it was a no-go for them. Luckily, Jessie @ the Skylark had someone named Adam Marsland email that he was coming to town, so she offered it to him.

Move forward a few weeks, we got a cool poster from Byron, and we were good to go.

It turns out, the show was going to be the CD release party for the Doll Test. This was most excellent news. To me, of all the Seattle bands we've been palling around with (Sportsmen, Riffbrokers, Tripwires, Small Change, etc), my faves have been the DT. I figured it would be a swell show.

Upon arrival, I ran into Adam Marsland on stage. Of course, he called me "Juan", then after correcting him that it was "Gwon with a G", he proceded to call me "Juang". Awesome. Though I was able to recorrect him later.

I saw Jim from Llama/Paul Lynde Fan Club in the back of the room and said hi. Turns out he was there to drum for the DT as Graham, the original drummer, had moved to Montana to be closer to family. Jim said he'd only had a week to rehearse the tunes, so he was a little nervous. I guess the bassist Boyd had also backed down or something. He and his wife had a baby recently and apparently he'd sold his bass rig for some reason. Filling in on bass would be Heather Riffbroker. So, the line-up would be Jim, Heather, Nick on guitar and Scott fronting. In other words, it was the Riffbrokers with Jim on drums doing Doll Test songs. Or something like that.

Pretty soon, the Unsmashable crew and others started showing up. Me, Sean, Chuck, his friend and bad influence, Gary, and Andi (a LB friend/fan from way back) all hung out in the back, enjoying Adam's acoustic set. Though I thought it was a bit underwhelming, I'm listening to his CD (Daylight Kissing Night) right now, and it's quite fantastic.

After Adam's set, we took the stage. I had a case of the cold ass hands for some reason. But, once we got started with Feel, then a new one of Chris' (Such a Ride), things were going well. Incredibly, as we played, it felt pretty good for a change. We'd been having pretty rough shows since, it seems, our show at the Swiss way back in March. The wheels fell off then, and, I'm happy to say, 5 months later, they got back on.

We weren't perfect, but I felt really good about how we played. All three of us, did, in fact. I did have a flub or two, but it was nice nonetheless. People seemed to enjoy it and were all quite nice afterwards.

I was a bit bummed to find that instead of 2 blisters like I got at the High Dive show, this time I had three. Right now they're a nice purply-brown and not as painful as last night. Don't know what my problem is. Apparently I'm digging the heck out of the strings when I play. Maybe I need to invest in in-ear monitors so I can hear myself better? Who knows. I mean, I stand pretty much directly in front of my rig and can definitely hear it, but I think I really go for it on a song like Headhunter.

Well, we had a good time and I think others did as well. Doll Test followed us and they were great. The normally statue-like Nick Riffbroker really enjoyed himself last night. I think he even struck a rock pose or two! Heather held down the bottom end and Jim was his usual stiff/frenetic self behind the kit. Scott was great, what can I say. He has this Gene Wilder hair thing going on and he just kills up there on stage. The new songs were fantastic and the new CD, Mosque Alarm Clock, is just sweet. Do go pick it up and enjoy the super new tunes.

Next up is nothing. I have a couple feelers out, but nothing set in stone yet. We'll keep working on tightening up the tunes and hopefully get something worked out for the upcoming CD/S.